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Charities we promote & Partners we do business with...

The Miss San Antonio Organization (MSAO) promotes many organizations throughout the year. We rely on the support of our community partners for In-Kind Scholarships and Cash Scholarship Donations. We offer a highly visible social and online promotional reach. In return, our Titleholders have an opportunity to appear at our partners events and gain valuable insight on the needs in our community.

MSAO works with businesses within the San Antonio area. The relationship varies from full sponsorships' to "doing business with" where we receive a discount for products and/or services. MSAO is very grateful for our partners.  



  • Appearance Wardrobe, Fuel Cards, Car Washes, Hair/Nail Salons etc.

  • In-Kind & Cash Scholarships

  • Competition Day (Candidate Meals, gift bags etc.)

  • Additional Products and Services that support the needs of Miss San Antonio's Year of Service    

Contact us at, if you or your Company would like to Sponsor or Donate!

South Texas Educational Scholarship Fund
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Associated Partnerships via the Miss America Pageant 

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